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Gave us a really good price on replacing our entire 4-ton AC unit. The tech came out to our home in Kingwood and did a fantastic job with the air conditioning installation and cleaning up around the job site.
- Eve P.
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24/7 AC Repair Service 

Having a working air conditioner is extra important with the Texas heat. If your AC has been making strange noises or not working at all, you should consider air conditioner repair sooner than later. If it's an emergency, you can easily beat the heat with our 24 hour air conditioning repair in Kingwood. Our same day AC services are flexible and extremely reasonably priced.

Custom Solutions

Considering upgrading your home cooling units? Whether your looking for AC installation for a new home or have window units that need replacement, Kingwood AC Repair Pros offers customized cooling solutions that are perfect for your home or business. Our AC installation services are performed by the most experienced and certified HVAC contractors in the area!

Unmatched Warranty

No one should have to have to pay for repeated repairs on a Kingwood air conditioning or cooling system. As a professional air conditioning repair company in Kingwood TX, we stand behind every HVAC repair and installation with an unbeatable warranty. That is, all of our services are backed by excellent warranties on both parts and labor for new systems. We'll fix your air conditioner, and fix it for good.

Trust 20+ Years of Experienced AC Repair in Kingwood

Dedicated to Effective Air Conditioning Repair

When our family owned ac repair company decided to settle down in Kingwood, the mostly year-round friendly weather was a primary reason. We soon learned that the summer months could be brutal, especially without a properly working air conditioner. That is why we are committed to providing cooling solutions to your home or business that beat the heat and maximize comfort.

For over 20 years, our HVAC contractors have provided top-notch services to Kingwood and greater Houston. With our Kingwood AC repair and installation services, customers can count on quality services. In addition to air conditioning repair in Kingwood TX, we offer a full suite of custom AC installation, air conditioning maintenance, and duct work services. Beat the heat this summer season by giving our friendly customer service a call!
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These guys are amazing, I've used this company for a few years now and they are very good at what they do. They always give me options when they find a problem with my system. They are able to foresee certain things in order to give me a heads up with enough time to save up for parts that are going bad in my system. They're very affordable, very professional, very friendly and are always available.. strongly recommend using them.
– July R.

Our Kingwood Air Conditioner and Cooling Services

Expert AC Repair Kingwood, TX

There is nothing worse than flipping the switch on your thermostat on the first hot day of the year only to realize something is wrong. You might feel the air conditioner fan blowing but the air remains at room temperature. Or, the unit won't turn on at all. In this case, faulty wiring is most often to blame. The problem might also be an insufficient amount of refrigerant due to a leak, a faulty thermostat, or fan motor problems. Regardless, there are going to be many more hot days this year and air conditioning is essential to maintaining a comfortable home. At Kingwood AC Repair Pros, we understand this necessity and provide dependable air conditioner repair, including a same-day 24 hour AC repair in Kingwood, TX in case of emergencies.
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AC Installation & Replacement for Kingwood Homes

There are many reasons to consider installing an air conditioner. You may be sick of installing window AC units every year and unsatisfied with inconsistent temperatures Or, you may want to upgrade your existing air conditioner to something more powerful and energy efficient. Whatever the reason, Kingwood AC Repair Pros is a full service HVAC company specializing in AC installation in Kingwood. We've partnered with the best air conditioner manufactures and pass along the latest models in cooling technology to our customers. If you're looking for split-air, ductless, or central AC installation in kingwood, our qualified technicians are ready to help. Give us a call to schedule a free estimate at your convenience.

AC Maintenance

With any appliance or home utility, maintenance is extremely important. Especially so when the unit sits outside like a central air conditioner. Although the weather in Kingwood, TX is lovely most of the year, the elements will invariable wear down air conditioners. Common problems, such as rust or wire malfunction can be prevented with proper maintenance techniques. Not only does AC maintenance prolong the life of the unit, it ensures maximum efficiency. For this reason, our AC maintenance package is well worth an affordable investment. Our Kingwood air conditioning repair technicians would set up an appointment on your schedule, diagnose any issues that might effect future performance, and offer cost-effective solutions if necessary. For information about our AC maintenance in Kingwood, get in touch with our contractors!
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AC Ductwork Repairs in Kingwood, TX

In any HVAC system, ductwork is a very important element. Ducts are most often made from galvanized steel or aluminum, and could be lined with fiberglass. The advantages of aluminum ducts include being light weight and non-porous surfaces. This makes them easy to install and more resistant to mold or other harmful bacteria. They purpose of a duct is to allow supply, return, and ventilation air to flow freely and regulate air quality and climate. Unfortunately, when it comes to problems with air conditioning, ducts are often overlooked. At Kingwood AC Repair Pros, we prioritize checking ductwork in addition to other problem areas when performing AC service. We also provide expert AC ductwork in Kingwood, including installation, replacement, and maintenance.

24 Hour AC Repair

As a locally owned and operated AC repair company in Kingwood, we are well aware that life without AC can be miserable. That is one reason why we offer a 24 hour AC repair service. In the event of an emergency situation, our HVAC contractors will prioritize fixing your air conditioner or heating system. Unlike other AC repair companies in Kingwood, we understand how important having a same-day service option is. Although there is an additional fee, our same-day rates are reasonably priced. Our customers constantly express gratitude for our impressive 24 hour air conditioners repair service. 

Air Filtration Solutions

Air filters work to improve air quality by removing dust and mold because they are made of fibrous and porous materials. Not only are they used in homes, but also in aircrafts, cars, and other man made environments. Air filtration is important for people with sensitivities to allergens. For people with asthma or other breathing related ailments, a home air filtration system can be the difference between misery and comfort. Certain pollutants have an impact on our health without us realizing it. Our air purifiers remove particles from the air supply and get rid of them at the molecular level.

HVAC System Services

Although our primary service is AC repair in Kingwood, we are a full service HVAC system company. That includes heating system installation, maintenance, and furnace repair, ductwork, air filtration, and other HVAC services. As the winter months approach, we recommend getting your heating system tested by a professional. Not only will you ensure that your heater is working properly for the upcoming season, you also feel confident that your system is safe. Our technicians are qualified to service oil furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, gas-fired heaters, electric, and wood-burning units. Our highest priority is 100% customer satisfaction.

Commercial HVAC Sercvices

Kingwood AC Repair Pros specializes in comprehensive commercial HVAC services designed to meet the specific needs of businesses in the Kingwood area. Our expert team offers tailored solutions ranging from installation of advanced, energy-efficient systems to routine maintenance and urgent repairs, ensuring your commercial space remains comfortable, safe, and compliant with all industry standards. With a strong focus on energy efficiency and reliability, we aim to optimize your operational efficiency and minimize downtime. Our commitment to excellence makes us the preferred partner for local businesses.

Factory Authorized Dealer - AC Repair Kingwood, Texas

Kingwood AC Repair Pros is extremely proud to announce our collaboration with many quality air conditioning and heating equipment manufactures. As a factory authorized dealer, we are fully licensed and certified to install, maintain, and repair many makes and models of air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and air filtration systems. We work with the best in the business to bring you products that are extremely well crafted, energy efficient, and ensure a quiet and smooth operation in your home or business. If you are considering AC replacement in Kingwood, our HVAC services can help get you started with quality products. Give us a call and our AC technicians can explain the benefits for air conditioning and heating repair services!
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Though homeowners hear our team harp about HVAC maintenance, most choose to opt-out of regular maintenance services. However, this can leave Kingwood residents vulnerable to unexpected repairs or even early replacements. Learn all about it in our new HVAC e-book!

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Heating, Ventilation & AC Repair in Kingwood & Beyond

Although our home base is located in Kingwood, our AC and heating repair company services all of greater Houston. The benefits of a local HVAC contractor and AC repair are attention to detail, working with a dedicated staff, and flexibility. As our reputation for quality AC repair in Kingwood grows, we find ourselves capable of providing high quality ac repair to our expanding service areas

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