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10 Red Flags You Need Local AC Repair Kingwood, TX

June 9, 2021

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Never put off needed AC repair in Kingwood, TX! Not only is air conditioning a must-have during hot Texas summers, but the longer you ignore needed fixes, the more costly those eventual repairs.

An air conditioner outright failing is not the only sign that it’s time to call an HVAC repair contractor in Kingwood. Note a few other indications that your home’s HVAC is failing or otherwise needs the services of an AC repair pro. Kingman Air Conditioning, top 10 symptoms and issues;

1. Schedule AC Repair in Kingwood TX for Uneven Cooling

A home’s air conditioner should cool all rooms relatively evenly. If you notice uneven cooling or rooms that the AC doesn’t seem to reach, it’s probably time for repairs! The AC motor or blower might be struggling to push air through all the home’s ducts, resulting in uneven cooling; replacing those parts as needed can mean even cooling throughout your house once again.

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2. Odd Sounds? Call an AC Repair Contractor in Kingwood!

Thumping, bumping, and grinding sounds from the home’s air conditioner might indicate something stuck in the compressor or elsewhere, including a damaged or loose part. The longer you ignore this issue, the more damage that object might cause.

High-pitched squealing noises often mean worn bearings; once these wear out completely, fan blades won’t spin and the AC might shut down completely. To avoid these issues, schedule repairs as soon as you notice any odd sounds from your AC unit.

3. Don’t Ignore Odd Smells From Your AC Unit Either!

Never overlook odd smells from your home’s AC unit, as musty odors can indicate mildew buildup or stagnant water created by a blocked hose. Burning smells can mean the motor or blower is breaking down or the furnace filter needs changing.

4. Keep Track of Utility Costs

If you notice a sudden spike in your utility costs during summer months and can’t attribute this to a rate increase, it might be time for AC repair in Kingwood. When a home’s air conditioner starts to break down, it pulls more power in order to force parts to operate, increasing your utility costs. A thorough cleaning can also mean less wear and tear on the appliance and lower overall costs.

residential and commercial AC maintenance services

5. The AC Works But the Home is Warm or Humid

If your home’s air conditioner cycles on but doesn’t seem to cool the home, or interior rooms feel cool but somewhat humid and downright clammy, it’s time for AC repair. A damaged or worn unit might cycle off too quickly so that it cannot remove humidity along with heat in the space. The air conditioner or thermostat might then need new wiring, so that it can better read interior temperatures and not cycle off too quickly.

6. The Home Seems Too Cool!

An air conditioner that cycles on but stays on too long can mean a home that’s too cool! If you’ve tried adjusting the thermostat but your home’s AC still runs far too long, it might also need new wiring or a thermostat calibration, to more accurately read interior temperatures.

7. Puddles Around the Compressor Need Immediate Repair!

Puddles gathering around the AC compressor can mean leaks in the system or a clogged condensate drain. It’s vital you address this issue quickly, as leaks and clogs only get worse over time, leading to condensation and eventual shut down.

8. Warm Air From the Vents Means It’s Time for AC Repair

It should seem obvious that an air conditioner shouldn’t blow warm air through the home’s vents but some homeowners might not realize how cold that air should be when the unit cycles on! If you notice warm or lukewarm air coming through the home’s vents, this can mean a refrigerant leak or damaged compressor, both of which need immediate repairs.

9. Dirty, Dusty Air Can Mean It’s Time for AC Repair or Maintenance

Dust often collects around a home’s air conditioner and furnace where it is then pushed through ductwork with that cooled air. Not just bothersome, layers of dust also tend to slow down the moving parts of an air conditioner or furnace. If you notice an overly dusty environment in your home, schedule an AC inspection for needed cleaning and repairs.

ac repair and maintenance with local HVAC company

10. How Old Is the AC Unit?

Even the most reliable air conditioner will eventually wear out and need repair or replacing. Most units last around 10 to 15 years; if your home’s air conditioner is nearing the 7 to 10-year mark, you might schedule an inspection even if it seems to operate properly! An inspection can note worn parts nearing the end of their expected lifespan and other needed repairs, so you can schedule these before the appliance stops operating altogether.

Kingwood AC Repair Pros is happy to provide this list of 10 red flags that you might need AC repair in Kingwood, and hopefully you found it helpful! If you’re in the area and notice any of these issues with your home’s HVAC system, call our experienced Kingwood AC repair contractors. We offer fast, convenient appointment times and expert repairs that last. To find out more, call us today!

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