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Signs You Need Furnace Repair in Kingwood or Other HVAC Maintenance Before Winter

January 27, 2022

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Always schedule needed furnace repair in Kingwood before winter’s arrival! It’s vital that you have a working heater once temperatures drop, for everyone’s comfort. Additionally, many HVAC repair contractors have very busy schedules during winter months.

Before you risk an uncomfortably cold home this winter, check out some signs that it’s time to schedule repairs. This will also ensure you don’t put added wear and tear on a furnace already struggling to work. In turn, you’ll keep repair costs low and extend the life of your HVAC system.

Odd Smells Can Indicate Needed Furnace Repair in Kingwood

A furnace might smell a bit odd the first time it cycles on after being idle for several months. Stagnant air and dust in a home’s ductwork, now suddenly circulating, can create slight odors. These smells should disappear soon enough.

However, if your home’s furnace continues to create odd smells, it’s time to call an HVAC repair contractor. Gas leaks, excess dust and other unhealthy debris, and an appliance struggling to work can mean persistent odors. Don’t cover up these smells but schedule an inspection as soon as possible for furnace repair problems.

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Does the Furnace Cycle On or Off Too Quickly, or Not Quickly Enough?

A furnace should cycle on and stay on long enough to reach the temperature set on the thermostat. It should also cycle off a few moments after it’s reached that temperature.

If your furnace doesn’t cycle on quickly enough after temperatures drop, it needs repairs! If the furnace switches off too soon or keeps running too long, this also indicates needed fixes.

In some cases, your home might simply require a new thermostat or a thermostat calibration. The furnace communicates with the thermostat to cycle on and off as needed. If the thermostat isn’t reading room temperature properly, the furnace will malfunction accordingly.

Wiring between the thermostat and furnace can also be an issue. That wiring sends needed signals between the appliance and the thermostat. Worn or frayed wiring can mean miscommunication and a furnace that doesn’t cycle on or off as it should.

A Furnace Should Offer Adequate, Even Heating Throughout a Home!

If a furnace cycles on as expected but areas of the home still seem cold, it’s time to call a repair contractor. Damaged ductwork can mean leaks that let heated air escape before it reaches interior spaces. A worn blower and other parts can also mean inadequate heating, especially in far corners of a home.

In some cases, ducts and vents might be blocked by dust and other debris. A thorough cleaning can then offer proper heating in your house. In other cases, the furnace might need a new motor, blower, or other parts.

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Don’t Ignore Odd Noises From a Home’s Furnace

A furnace isn’t necessarily silent as it operates, and slight “whooshing” or humming noises don’t necessarily indicate damage. However, you should never ignore loud banging, thumping, popping, and other such sounds! Banging can indicate broken parts, now loose inside the furnace.

Grinding noises can also indicate broken parts rubbing against each other. Loud squealing usually results from damaged or worn bearings. Note that the longer you ignore these issues, the worse the damage gets! Schedule a furnace inspection if you notice any unusual and loud sounds from the appliance.

Older Appliances Need Maintenance and Furnace Repair in Kingwood

The older your appliances, the more likely they are to need repairs and regular maintenance. Appliance parts simply wear out over time, and all have an expected lifespan. The older your HVAC system, the more vital it is that you schedule repairs if you notice any of these issues.

Regular maintenance is also an excellent investment, especially for aging HVAC systems. Cleaning dust and other debris means less wear and tear on the appliance parts. Oiling bearings also allows them to move freely, without damaging friction.

A high-quality maintenance call can also alert you to needed repairs! An HVAC contractor can check for worn belts and bearings, or a fan that’s showing signs of wear. He or she can also check the home’s thermostat for proper functioning. These simple tasks can ensure your furnace operates as expected once winter arrives.

Kingwood AC Repair Pros is happy to provide this information about needed furnace repair in Kingwood. Hopefully you found it helpful! If you notice any of these issues with your appliances, call our Kingwood HVAC repair contractors right away. We’ll schedule a convenient appointment that works around you and ensure quality repairs that last! To find out more or to get started with your needed HVAC fixes, give us a call right now.

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