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Is AC Maintenance in Kingwood TX Worth the Cost?

January 3, 2020

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One of the best ways to ensure your home’s air conditioner is always in good repair and operating efficiently is to schedule regular AC maintenance in Kingwood TX. As with maintaining your car, AC maintenance of a Kingwood TX unit ensures that it runs optimally and helps to avoid otherwise unnecessary repairs and early breakdown.

While AC maintenance of a Kingwood TX unit is beneficial, some homeowners put off this work, perhaps thinking it’s just a waste of money or that it doesn’t do much to improve the efficiency of their air conditioner! To ensure you make the best choice for your home’s HVAC unit and avoid unnecessary air conditioning and heating repairs in Kingwood, note a few vital points about AC maintenance, repairs, and installation.

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Is AC Maintenance in Kingwood TX Worth the Cost?

To better understand why you might invest in regular AC maintenance in Kingwood TX, you might note what is typically included in this service. An air conditioning maintenance service will usually check the motor and blower for any obstructions, worn parts, loose or worn bearings, and faulty connectors. Drain lines are also checked, to ensure they’re free of obstruction.

Air conditioning operating temperatures are also checked, to note if the AC unit is running particularly hot. This might signal overuse or an obstruction around the condenser. Return and supply lines, which circulate air from the compressor into the house and back again, are also checked for damage, kinks, leaks, and other issues needing repair.

AC refrigerant doesn’t “burn off” or evaporate but damage to a refrigerant line allows it to leak out. During AC maintenance, refrigerant levels are checked; if those levels are low, the line is repaired or replaced as needed and refrigerant recharged. An air conditioning repair contractor in Kingwood might check electrical lines and connections and calibrate the home’s thermostat as needed.

Lastly, AC maintenance in Kingwood TX often includes a thorough cleaning of the compressor, both inside and out. This ensures proper airflow around the unit, keeping it cool and operating as it should. Your home’s furnace filter is then typically changed as well.

Why Every Home Needs AC Maintenance in Kingwood TX!

Now that you know a bit more about what’s involved with AC maintenance in Kingwood TX, you might better understand why this work is so vital! However, some homeowners fail to see how these services ensure a better performance from their air conditioner or why they can’t simply perform these tasks on their own.

First note that a residential AC unit collects lots of dust and debris as it operates; this dust interferes with the proper function of the blower or fan and can also trap and lock heat around the compressor, causing added wear and tear. Never assume that you can dust or clean an AC compressor yourself, as it’s easy to just spread that dust around and make matters worse, or damage a part inside the compressor. Those parts are also sharp and dangerous!

An air conditioner repair contractor in Kingwood TX is also skilled a checking lines, hoses, and other parts for excessive wear, leaks, and damage. It’s easy to overlook kinks and tears in those pieces or to assume that a malfunctioning AC needs a refrigerant recharge when a intake line is damaged instead.

Having regular AC maintenance in Kingwood by a professional is so effective that it can reduce your home’s utility costs by 5% to 15% every month! That’s $5 to $15 for every $100 you spend, which can add up each year and over the lifetime of your air conditioner. Maintenance also reduces wear and tear on the AC unit, ensuring the entire system lasts as long as possible and avoids early and otherwise unnecessary breakdown.

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Tips for Keeping Your Kingwood Air Conditioner in Good Repair

While regular AC maintenance in Kingwood is vital for ensuring your home’s HVAC system is running efficiently, there are also many things that every homeowner can do to keep that air conditioner in good repair. One vital tip is to ensure the outdoor compressor is always clear of debris and other obstructions, to ensure proper airflow and cooling around the unit. Never store bikes, lawn care equipment, and other pieces on the compressor, and remove leaves, twigs, and other debris as needed.

Changing the home’s furnace filter regularly is also vital for keeping the air conditioner working as it should and running smoothly. An air conditioner pushes air through that filter and into your home; a dirty filter means poor indoor air quality while also making the AC work harder to distribute air through the home’s ductwork. A clean filter ensures the air conditioner is not working overtime to circulate cooled air as it should.

A high-quality air purifier also helps to remove dust and debris from the air, improving indoor air quality while also keeping that debris out of ductwork. Your AC unit will experience less wear and tear and operate more effectively the cleaner the air in your home!

How to Choose an Air Conditioning Contractor in Kingwood TX

Never rely on a general contractor for AC repairs in Kingwood TX. Air conditioning systems are more complicated than ever before and require skill and knowhow for precise repairs. The AC repair contractor in Kingwood you hire should specialize in residential heating and cooling repairs in Kingwood and have years of experience in HVAC installation as well.

It’s also vital that you avoid choosing a repair contractor based on price alone. A low price might mean that the contractor is not qualified or doesn’t have the proper tools needed for certain repairs. That repairperson might also fail to stand behind their work, with a “take the money and run” approach to AC repairs, which puts you at risk for faulty or low-quality repairs that don’t last.

It’s also helpful to note if an AC contractor near you suggests replacing an older air conditioner rather than attempting repairs. Even the best repairs and AC maintenance in Kingwood TX won’t help an HVAC unit past its expected lifespan, and a new AC installation might be the best choice for your home in that situation.

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