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"Easily diagnosed and repaired our air conditioner in our Kingwood home in no time."
- Harry B.
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24/7 Kingwood AC Service

Is your AC broken and it's dangerously hot outside? Don't suffer any longer waiting around for other Kingwood AC service or repair companies. Call the professionals at Kingwood AC Repair Pros and schedule a same day appointment for AC repair or maintenance. Our 24/7 AC service rates are extremely reasonable, starting at only $45 to come out to your home!

20+ Years of Experience

Our extensive experience in the HVAC field has left our air conditioner repair company as a leader in Kingwood and greater Houston. However, our reputation did not just form over night; it took years of hard work, dedication, and learning to perfect our line of work. Now, we can pass our experience on to you in the form of quality AC installation, maintenance, and repair services.

AC Service Warranties

Any reputable Kingwood AC service or HVAC repair company will stand behind their work with a warranty. That is why we offer the best warranty in the business on air conditioner installation services. If you have any problem with your AC whatsoever, just give the friendly representatives in our office a call to set up a service appointment at no additional cost. Get covered today!

Our Expert Kingwood AC Service & Air Conditioning Repairs

Why Air Conditioners Fail

There are several reasons why air conditioners fail. Most commonly, dirty cooling coils are to blame. Dust and other debris tend to build up on condenser coils over time. This prevents the system from releasing heat, causing it to become inefficient and eventually fail. Over time, the refrigerant lines can develop cracks or blockages that impede the flow of the cooling solution. This results in an imbalance in system pressure and the compressor has to work harder in order to provide the same cooling effect. Electrical problems are also a contributing factor. Since central air units are located outside, rain and wind can get into tight spaces and cause wiring to corrode. Fortunately, these issues are avoidable with regular AC maintenance.
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AC installation and maintenance

Kingwood AC Service Benefits

Working with a local Kingwood AC service & repair company has several benefits. First, we are familiar with the types of problems that are likely to affect your air conditioner specifically. No two homes are alike, and the ventilation system could be very complex. Our professional AC installation and repair technicians are carefully selected for each job with the specifics of your home in mind. Not only do we provide AC repairs to Kingwood homes, but we also provide a commercial HVAC service to all of greater Houston. If you suspect that your air conditioning system is compromised, Kingwood AC Repair Pros would be happy to help. With our 24 hour service, feel free to call anytime and schedule an appointment.

It's Only Going to Get Hotter!

In Kingwood, we benefit from amazing year-round weather, but it can get hot pretty much any day of the year with little to no warning. If you suspect that your air conditioner is working harder than normal and your home or office is not cooling, you should call a professional. Failure to resolve the issue can lead to greater problems down the road, including complete system failure. In that event, it may cause thousands of dollars to replace the entire system. Not only that, but air conditioners are designed to run at a certain temperature and pressure. If that balance is upset, the air conditioner must work harder than necessary causing you to waste energy. Give us a call if you are interested in a free assessment of your cooling system.
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Kingwood AC Service & Repair Rates

At Kingwood AC Repair Pros, we prioritize affordability and quality, without ever sacrificing either. As a company that relies on positive customer relations, we try to keep our Kingwood AC service and repair prices as low as possible. We don't want to see anyone suffer in the heat. With 24/7 service calls starting at $45, our team can add a same day appointment to our schedules and be out to your area as soon as possible. In the rare event that the AC is beyond repair, we will provide you with options for replacement and try to schedule an AC installation at your convenience. In addition to our low cost air conditioner repair services, we also offer discounts to senior citizens, police, and military. Get in touch today for more information!

HVAC Products & Solutions with Financing Options!

Reliability is extremely important when it comes to HVAC products and services. Kingwood AC Repair Pros has teamed up with Carrier to help with our AC repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance. With regards to quality, efficiency, and dependability, Carrier air conditioners can't be beat. If your AC or heating system is outdated, chances are you could save money on your monthly utility bill by upgrading to a more efficient system. Can't afford a new HVAC system? We offer competitive financing options!
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My HVAC repair experience with this company was extremely positive. I had professional interactions with the scheduler over the phone and the technician in person. My HVAC is back to operating at full capacity.
- Loraine R.

Our Other Professional Kingwood AC Services

In addition to AC repair, we provide a variety of air conditioning repairs in Kingwood, heating, and ventilation solutions for your home or business. We take great pride in the variety of knowledge we have accrued over our 23 years in business, and we are grateful to offer our services to customers.

AC Installation

Looking to replace your old, inefficient, or broken air conditioner? Our AC installation services are warrantied!
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AC Maintenance

Maintaining an air conditioning system is extremely important, helping avoid future problems that impact performance.
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AC Ductwork

AC ductwork is extremely important for the AC system to run efficiently. Get in touch for a free quote on ductwork.
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Other HVAC Services

Not only do we provide AC repair, but we also provide a variety of other HVAC services including heating systems.
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Beat the Heat with Affordable and Effective Cooling Solutions. Have any Questions?

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